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"You found my chamber," a british accented voice muttered. I started snickering; I couldn't help it. Soon I wasn't just snickering I was literally on the ground cracking up.
"That sounded incredibly perverted," I laughed. The librarian guy looked confused. Finally he just shook his head deciding not to ask. I copied his action muttering, " old people."
"I'm not that old!" he exclaimed indignantly.  Then, out of nowhere, he grabbed me. He started inspecting me... making me fear that he might rape me. He took off my jacket.I don't know how he managed that considering I was struggling and I might have bitten him. He grabbed my arms and pressed them together. He didn't find whatever he was looking for, so he lifted up my shirt.
"Whoa! What are you doing?" I exclaimed angrily. I tried to pull my t-shirt back down but he swatted my hand away.
"Not there," he muttered. He walked behind me and pushed my hair away from my neck. I freaked out. I really hate when people touch my neck. He didn't acknowledge my freak out. Finally, he lifted up the back of my shirt. "There it is."
He tapped in between my shoulders.
"What?" I asked. I tried to look at it but I only ended up looking like a dog chasing it's tail.
"Calm down."
"How can I calm down? There is something that you're all happy about seeing on my back! Plus I'm in a secret room in an old library with a possible rapist!" I exclaimed angrily. He put his left hand on my back between my shoulders with his right hand out. A projection of my back was suddenly in front of me. The projection zoomed showing in between my shoulders. There was a birthmark I have never seen before. It looked more like a tattoo than a birthmark. It was a pair of angel wings but the feathers were falling off revealing bat wings.
"How did you-?"
"Magic," he cut me off. This made me laugh more.
"You don't seriously expect me to believe that," I laughed.
"Yes because it's true."
"Are you daft, of course magic isn't really. It's all just science. Trust me I know," I said slowly as if speaking to a child.
"How can you ever be the Chosen One if you won't believe in magic," He snapped.
"That's easy I'm not," I hissed angrily.  
"It was destiny that you came here and that you have the mark," He explained sharply.
"I don't believe in destiny and I definitely don't believe in a chosen one...whatever that is," I scowled.
"How do you not know of the Chosen One?" he asked, "It is law that a family of supernatural beings must educate their children of the Chosen matter the species."
"You're crazy... doesn't this town do back round checks," I muttered to my self. He opened his mouth as if to answer me. I sprinted out of the creepy room through the library (obtaining plenty of stares) and into the street. I didn't know where I was going. I turned down an alley for a break breathing deeply.
"Oi ginger!" a voice exclaimed. I recognized it as one of the guys chasing me the day we moved into town. "You never did pay me back for bumpin into me."
His goons smirked. I swore under my breath and backed up ready to turn and run. Before I could I bumped into someone. I turned around to see two burly guys...most likely football players.
"Get him!"
Gasp I updated!!!! Your days of waiting are finally overy my dear readers! I apologize for the extended hiatus but I had stuff to do, and people to see (Jk I was marathoning Dr. Who and Supernatural getting ready for the new seasons).
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The next chapter will take while because I still need to write it
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